Leonard Weiss



Weiss was relaxed, enjoying himself immensely; his lovely, fluid conducting... was nothing short of exquisite. CityNews, 4 June 2018

A stellar concert... Leonard Weiss and his reinvigorated NCO [are] a force to be reckoned with. CityNews, 8 April 2018

A splendid performance with conductor, Leonard Weiss, leading brilliantly... a thoroughly entertaining and engaging concert. CityNews, 25 March 2018

Sondheim's magnificent score [Sweeney Todd] receives excellent treatment here from Leonard Weiss and the orchestra, sweeping the audience along. Canberra Times, 9 October 2017

Forget shivers down the spine - it was a full body-tingling experience for the audience... Leonard Weiss kept the orchestra, choir and soloists in precise accord throughout this magnificent, demanding performance. Canberra Times, 24 July 2016

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