Leonard Weiss

Tesla Coil Compositions

Electric Toast, for duophonic Tesla Coil (2009)

Electric Toast is the first piece to be performed on the Z-26 Musical Tesla Coil, and was used as its advertising music.

Smooth Techno (2009)

Smooth Techno, originally composed for a game, was edited slightly so it could could be played by the Tesla Coils.

About The Tesla Coils

All Tesla Coils used in the Tesla Coil videos are made by the amazing people at Zeusaphone.com. The recordings were filmed by them as well. The coils are duophonic, meaning that they can play two notes at a time.

The duophonic Tesla Coils used in the recordings are capable of producing sparks up to 26 inches in length (about 66 cm), and stand at around the same height.