Leonard Weiss


Your generous donation of your time, effort and talent contributed to a fantastic night enjoyed by all 709 people who attended. The Foundation netted just under $40,000 to go towards the purchase of the retina eye camera – a sensational effort. We will continue to reap the benefits from the concert through the additions awareness of the Foundation that was a result of the great support from a host of media... The compliments I received regarding the choice of music was plentiful.

Newborn Intensive Care Foundation, September 2015 [PDF, 80kb]

Leonard has displayed a high level of professionalism... Leonard's musicality combined with his strong people skills, tact and diplomacy has meant the orchestra has benefited fully from rehearsal time and responded well to his leadership. As a result, the concerts for both audiences and performers have been highly successful, and the music has come alive under Leonard's guidance and direction... we all look forward to equally successful concerts in future.

Musica da Camera, May 2013 [PDF, 730kb]

Special mention should be made of your magnificent performances on harp as part of the Living Instrument Ensemble... your instrumental skills and ability to work with the choir and accompany the singers ensured a confident and professional rehearsal process. Your teamwork and ability to adapt lifted the performance, contributing in a unique way to the concert presentation.

Prof Dr Mary Finsterer and Dr Ruth Lee Martin, The Living Instrument, Dec 2012 [PDF, 100kb]

We are especially grateful that you could fill in so competently with such short notice... you have developed the ability to maintain more control over the orchestra and achieve a greater clarity in your conducting.

In acknowledgement of this, the Maruki Community Orchestra committee would like to offer you uthe long-term position of Assistant Musical Director.

Maruki Community Orchestra, May 2012 [PDF, 355kb]

It was the orchestra’s first opportunity, and our great pleasure, to work with Leonard... The orchestra was very impressed with the initiative Leonard took in consulting other musicians and staff at the School of Music to put together a programme for us that was varied, appropriate for strings and, importantly, achievable. From my conversations with the orchestra, this was one of the most rewarding programmes we have performed for quite some time.

Personally, I have found it a great pleasure to work with Leonard – his work ethic has been outstanding, his conducting technique excellent, and his ability to ‘read’ the orchestra and understand how the group works showed a level of maturity and professionalism at least on par with other (professional) conductors we have worked with in the past.

Musica da Camera, June 2012 [PDF, 9kb]

Leonard was always very professional - well presented, punctual, organised and displayed enthusiasm at every rehearsal... the orchestra was instantly drawn to Leonard and were amazed at his musical skill for someone so young.

It was evident that Leonard put a lot of time and effort into preparation and learning he works as this was conveyed through his conducting. Leonard was very focused and precise in his attention to detail with the scores and cues with the orchestra.

Vivianne Anthrak, Musica da Camera, June 2012 [PDF, 16kb]